School Interventions

History of School Interventions

I got creative and decided that I would produce a single page document that contained everything I know about the benefits of Student Interventions.  I have been involved with Idaho schools who have used these processes for the last 20 years.

I used Adobe Acrobat and linked separate files to the original document – where appropriate.  I didn’t realize that WordPress themes would dislike my creativity.  As you mosey down the document, you will see the push pins.  Highlight each push pin and a description of the “attached document” will appear.

If you download the PDF, a double click on the push pins will bring up a supporting document for each topic commented.    To enlarge the PDF image or download to your device – see the tool bar instructions below.

Included in the supporting documents, is a State Education report that shows students violations went down significantly in those schools that were conscientious about implementing attention to:  BAAA = Behaviors, Attendance, Attitude and Achievements.  There are ethical, humanitarian and financial reasons to perform proper student interventions.

Short term political fads or bandwagons and grant funds – shift local priorities to other issues – that never seem to last.

 Student-Interventions-IMPACT-w-Support 2