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40 years of experience convinced us that individual Tele-Therapy treatment tools needed to be found or developed that would provide individually designed treatment components.

To insure lesson contents meet individual “tele-therapy needs, these elements have been included:

  • Client is responsible for completion of treatment tasks and communications
  • Lesson modules are designed for specific disorder(s)
  • Secure tool access and transport for authorized team members
  • 24/7 access to all treatment materials
  • Verification of individual module use and completion
  • Predefined and fixed “non-compliance” alternatives

Treatment lessons are provided that assist with behavioral improvement tasks that meet DSM disorder definitions. Improvements in repository content is a continual process. We welcome partner assistance. 

Note: All Treatment Lessons are provided in a PDF interactive FORM. These PDF Forms should be downloaded to a local desktop or tablet. Adobe provides a PDF Reader that should be used on these forms. Each form has a “Clear Form” button that provides Form reuse.

Lessons One: AA/NA – 12 Step Program Elements

Alcohol Anonymous -12 Step Program – was formalized in 1939 by recovering addicts.

This program has resulted in the largest – “non organized – group” – in the world.

An Inspired Concept

Individually Propagated

No fees

Sobriety Results – unequaled via alternatives

The Links below will provide access the 11 Principal Chapters of the AA Big Book.

NOTE: Each  Chapter includes a quiz which assists the user in understanding the contents.

Link to Chapter 1 – Bill’s Story

Link to Chapter 2 – There is a solution

Link to Chapter 3 – More about Alcoholism

Link to Chapter 4 – We agnostics

Link to Chapter 5 – How it Works

Link to Chapter 6 – Into Action

Link to Chapter 7 – Working with Others

Link to Chapter 8 – To Wives

Link to Chapter 9 – The Family Afterward

Link to Chapter 10 – To Employers

Link to Chapter 11 – A Vision for You

NOTE: All Lessons shown below: (1) Identify the Authoring Organization, (2)  Are reusable – downloadable PDF Forms, (2) Include estimated time of completion (30 Minute Average), (3) Include Auto – start/end – date/time entries and (4) A Symptom and Remedy Auto-scored Quiz for the Client 


Link to DSM – Anger -Lesson – Mind.0rg – 8 page

lesson three: dsm – anxiety

Link to DSM – Anxiety – Psych Central


Link to DSM – Depression – Mind.Org – 15 page


Link to DSM – BiPolar – Mind Org – 17 page


The Treatment/Lesson Link below is  a 16 page – Designed by – w quiz

Link to DSM – Personality Disorder(s) – Summary

Link below is a 4 page – Description of each of the 10 most common Pers. Disorders

Link to Description of 10 Personality Disorders

Link below is a 3 page – Summary/Description of Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Link to Description of Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Link below is a 4 page – Summary of Cognitive Distortions that my occur during Therapy/Lessons

Link below is a Lesson developed by KlearMind to link Thinking Errors with CBT Treatment Processes

Link to Thinking Errors and CBT Solutions- KlearMind

.Link below is a Lesson developed by Judith Belmont – 9 pages – Thinking Errors

Link to Judith Belmont – Thinking Errors