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 Research – validation

The iMR 5 step program has been providing services to entities and clients for 30 years.  Approximately 10,000 inmates, 5000 students and 20,000 other clients have used our processes.

When asked if our processes are “evidence based”, we verify we conform to “evidence based” qualifications and are the basis for a “proven effective” classification.

iMR and our partners have “integrated clinical and personal expertise” to replicate patient care processes that have proven they work for thousands of individuals.

In addition, our iMR processes are designed to exceed the CMS and HIPAA  EHR certification requirements.

Results of HIM (Aviation), DOT (Professional Drivers) and Southworth ( processes are documented in our document repository.   These are records of proven processes.

Southworth and associates

Significant information on our relationship with John Southworth and Southworth Associates is included in our repository.  For years,  John marketed our products and services.  He was a team member and partner as we enhanced our offerings.

We provided monitoring and case management services for Southworth and Associates until we moved our processes onto the internet.  Twenty years of improving the lives of thousands of clients has been John’s and our focus.

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Government documents

State and Federal Agencies have provided treatment recommendations for the last 30 years.  iMR principals have filtered these processes and endorse those elements that work.  e.g. Student Interventions have statistically reduced violations in major Idaho schools during the last 20 years and “have saved lives”.  (SAMHSA -SBIRT)

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The link below includes documents on program elements for students, corrections, monitoring and specific data on our development of Compu-Tools.  Several of the documents describe specific differences between our unique – multi scaled tool – and those produced by educational and research organizations.

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