Featured Artist – Bruce Day

One of the AA messages I listened to was:  You have to change playmates, playgrounds and playthings.  One of the playthings I got involved with was Handball.  This sport is an aerobic and addictive activity.  This was a two decade addiction.  Finally, my knees and shoulders gave out and I had to switch to inanimate equipment to keep active.

During my handball days, one of my regular playmates was a dude named Bruce Day.  Bruce was a very good athlete, played NFL for a couple of years, and solid in the sports ethics behaviors.  He was a pleasure to play with.  Bruce’s spiritual program was praiseworthy and he had attitudes and behaviors that we should all emulate.

Bruce was also a cartoonist and illustrator.  His efforts always included “life” details that were mind boggling.  Even his satire efforts were done in a fashion that left me enjoying myself and not depressed.  A recent review of his efforts left me with the feeling that our societies fractious behaviors need his wholesome input.  The feeling I have when I look at his work = our current behaviors, perspectives and attitudes need help.

Copies of his work can be obtained if there is interest.

Caterpiller to Wings
My Goodness!  Look what this Species can do.