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During the last 20 years, we have worked with independent therapist and have contracted with others to fulfill iMR case management needs.

During this time, major Idaho schools have used our counselors to provide student Interventions at campus level with great results.  The schools have proven they reduce violations and the counselors have saved lives and provoked changes in family and student behaviors.  New mobile devices and the iMR web connections have enhanced the effectiveness of these processes

Independent counselors who are working with clients who have legal issues are able to use our web based services to provide diagnostic and case management services.  Our programs encourage clients to become responsible for their behaviors.  The Clinician is in a supporting role and  by using the iMR tools – is not inundated with administrative tasks.

Current agency policies are requiring proof of program effectiveness and are making billing and payment processes cumbersome.  Our program elements provide proof of effectiveness and we are familiar with CMS/HIPAA requirements.  These support services will enhance your practice efficiencies and profits.

Since our products and services are web based, they also provide options for remote – or telehealth communications.  iMR will assist you in determining which Payers support these services and what billing processes are available.

The rather busy graphic shown below describes how counselors and/or case managers fit into the 5 Step program.  If you have any questions, please give us a call at 208-853-7410 and Dave or his buddies will assist.

The rest of the contents of this web blog will clearly describe what experience the iMR founders have and what their philosophies are.

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