Gorniks Inmate Solutions

A Felon provided the solutions for a decade

This Video has 6 slides and takes about 3 minutes

Watch the Video – (Us old guys might need an ear piece – although I did get it all – by concentrating.)

watch the video–APPLYING ITS contents TO YOUR OPERATIONS = MIGHT prevent this from happening to you

The link below will take you to a PDF that provides a summary of Mark’s programs.  We at iMResponsible.com have also added a few suggestions based on our 30 years of working with Idaho agencies. The major problem with these solutions is the limited package of individuals that are pro-active in nature and have the courage to make even small changes to their inviolate environments . To download – or more easily read – this document – click on the download arrow.

Link to Gornik Treatment – Recidivism Solution


This Link will take you to a summary of current issues and the solutions Gornik and iMR.com recommend.    If you can get back to Gornik recidivism rates, the savings will exceed $140,000,000 and no new beds.

iMResponsible.com has designed documents designed to provide Clients with tools that can assist with Post-Release – “Real World” issues.   We will continue to add documents as they are developed.

For additional information: david@imresponsible.com – 208-853-7410 – https://www.imresponsible.com –