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Compu-Tools (Multi-Scaled, Self Diagnosis, Computerized)

IDOC, Idaho H&W, Boise State University, Idaho Schools, 3 Local Psychologists and multiple clinics assisted in designing multi-scaled, self analysis diagnostic tools that are accurate and have results that are accepted by the clients.

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It started out with good design and execution.

Accurate diagnosis results

IDOC provided diagnosis and in-house treatment for many years and used Compu-Tools – (Alcohol/Drug, Psychological (Anxiety, Depression, Anger and Cognitive) and the Social and Criminal Behaviors tools – they assisted in designing.   We also produced a package of treatment lessons that covered: (1) Education, (2) Therapy, (3) Thinking Errors, (4) Cognitive and (5) Others.

These 100 self study workbooks are available for those who wish to provide consistent and effective lesson materials.

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There are Grant Monies available – let’s get something useful from Canada!

The exhibit that follows was from a presentation that I made as IDOC considered  this new LSI-R tool.  Switching from traditional behavioral treatment (ASAM/DSM) to “criminogenic” risk factors introduces  diagnostic techniques that are: (1) Not self diagnosis, (2) Clinically subjective, (3) Hard to Understand, (4) Difficult to accept and, (5) do not include ASAM/DSM criteria – needed for treatment and honest billing.

Note: Within one year of introduction, new tools were needed and added for diagnosis – as elements were missing.  (e.g. TCU manual, single page drug screening tool>)

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Let’s see how its worked – 20 Years = 8% Increase in Recidivism!

Pg 4 Recidivism 32

Facilities are full – 75% of new entries are based on “failures to control”

Pg 5 75 Recidivism lrg

LSI-R + GAIN + PO Case Management + Criminogenic Criteria = ??

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SAMHSA/CMS/H&W + Others publish “Client Rights”

The exhibit that follows provides a summary of Optum “Client Rights”.   The Rights shown in bold are not normally met by healthcare Providers.  These omissions are normally a result of case management – administrative – inadequacies.

Regulatory agencies are beginning to provide incentives that encourage adherence.   Fines and withheld grant payments are getting Provider attention.

Pg 7 Optum

SOLUTION = Pilot test a “Proven Solution”

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