Monitoring – Efficient and Accurate

Monitoring – Efficient and Accurate: 

 This program assumes the client is able to physiologically discontinue the use of addictive drugs.

Previously Completed: Comprehensive Behavioral Assessments to determine what destructive patterns exist.

Previously Completed: A TEAM Performance Contract that provides a roadmap for improving behaviors.

Note: The conditions contained in the Treatment Plan or Contract will be reviewed with the Client and TEAM to insure that they are “doable” for all TEAM members.

A principal element of the iMR Case Management Monitoring program is that the “Client” becomes responsible for their actions – or lack thereof.

Case Management and Activity Monitoring provide an incentive for the client to use the roadmap that has been created. has been providing monitoring services since the mid -90’s and provides efficient and effective communication and reporting tools.

Clients’ report their activities via email, phone text, electronic forms or secure web entries.

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 Web based – Activity Entry  

TEAM participants report task completion via electronic forms, secure web entries or digital uploads.

Sample Activity – Report – Web Based – Blue Arrow highlights Download PDF option

 Sample – PDF – Download (Includes Comments)

Note:  In those cases where Internet services are not available, special forms and other materials will be provided to fulfill communication tasks.

Case data is entered into a database that is unique for each customer, manager and client. Three layers of HIPAA compliant security are used. When an authorized representative of the company or the client wishes to view client activity- case records – specific data is extracted from the database and can be viewed or downloaded via encrypted PDF files.

HIPAA – 3 Tier Logon – Company/Counselor/Client

Adding Client Logon and TEAM members

A system of activity alerts provide immediate TEAM notification if certain, defined, tasks are not completed as defined in the performance contract. In this way, no one ever drifts into the “ether”.  With iMR Case Management, the Client either complies with plan terms or faces immediate TEAM interactions.

The iMR monitoring program has proven that the client soon recognizes there is never a legitimate obstacle to reporting activities. The computer monitoring system never sleeps and ignores excuses.  The Client is more inclined to accept responsibility for his, or her, behaviors – and the results that relate to them.

Note: Without intense case management or monitoring, the Client is typically: De-toxed, diagnosed, counseled and then told to comply with Behavioral improvement conditions that are developed.  Continuous communications and effective case management is different to accomplish.

Agencies, such as corrections, provide – “template type” – tools and processes that are designed to protect the agency and “the public”.  They are not designed to improve individual responsibility and accountability.

Note: Drug TestsOne manifestation of Control based case management is the requirement that each client “prove” he is drug free.  Lawyers have worked with the testing community to insure that no liabilities result from testing urine, blood or hair.  The results are – procedures that are expensive, inconvenient and disconcerting.  Clients’ with critical occupations may be asked by employers to prove abstinence.  In these cases, the clients’ are working, can afford the laboratory costs and have employers who understand the inconveniences.

Most clients, however, are striving to meet a variety of daily obligations and are functioning with limited funds.

Alternatives:  Drug testing kits and processes are available that minimize the possibility of “cheating” during the collection of samples.  Testing kits are designed to immediately catch unnatural variances.  The design of these kits encourages clients to behave themselves.  The costs for these kits and processing are reasonable.

The iMR TEAM treatment approach provides communications that will trigger TEAM member concerns if clients are not adhering to the Treatment Plan conditions.  These conditions include abstinence from non prescribed drugs of any kind.  In general, TEAM members will know if a client is abstinent from non PX drugs.  The selection and use of drug tests will be a TEAM decision.

Note: Counselor/Professional Contacts – Each TEAM has a professional member who will provide treatment governance.  Communication with the client – using iMR web tools – can provide meaningful guidance.  When life variances occur, this TEAM member will analyze the treatment status and determine – with the client – and other TEAM members -what options need to be employed.

iMR processes are designed to provide tele-access to treatment tasks.  Tele-counseling can provide efficiencies and spontaneity that can enhance treatment results.  Once communication techniques are established, TEAM member will become comfortable with the convenience these tools will provide.  iMR takes an active role in ensuring that counseling communications take place as needed.

Note: Education and Treatment Tasks – The iMR program provides the client with treatment and educational lessons that also use web processes.  Materials can be emailed to – or downloaded by – the client – and returned for review.  More information on these tools will be provided in other program documents.

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It is Important to Recognize that we are all a little Different – And – that’s OK!

A package of TEAM members, good communications, effective case tools and lessons, community resources and AA/NA make for good results.