TEAM Monitoring

Case Management Services – Monitoring Processes

Comprehensive Behavioral Assessments determine if a destructive pattern exists.

A Performance Contract provides a roadmap for improving behaviors. This contract contains doable elements and can be modified as circumstances require.  All activities can be compared with the contract conditions.  Selected tasks can be given an “alert condition” which results in an end of week notification to the team – if the task(s) are not completed as promised.  All clinical team tasks are given alert status.

Comprehensive Case Management and Activity Monitoring provide motivation for TEAM members to adhere to the promises made in the treatment plan. has been providing monitoring services since the mid -90’s and has proven the effectiveness of these processe over time.

A principal element of the monitoring program is that each “TEAM” member becomes responsible for their treatment actions or tasks.  Timely and complete reporting of task completions results in accountability. The monitoring system never sleeps, ignores excuses and quickly changes individual perspectives.

Team members can manually update case management data using the HIPAA approved web tools. Mail, email, phone text (sms), phone photos and electronic uploads can also be used.

Case management data is stored in a database that is unique for each customer and protected with three layers of security. When an authorized TEAM member logs into the web based case management system and wishes to view client activity, specific data is extracted from the database and can be viewed or downloaded via encrypted PDF files.

With Case Management or Monitoring, the Client either complies with the conditions on a signed Performance Contract or faces an immediate intervention and escalated treatment options if they fail to do so. Other TEAM member activities are also monitored and corrective actions taken as failures occur.