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iMResponsible.com has been providing intensive monitoring and case management services for about 20 years.  Spend a little time reviewing the exhibits provided on this site and you will become convinced that our regional solutions fit the needs of your geography.

The PDF document and exhibit shown below describe the work we have done with those clients who have had critical occupations.  In most of these cases, the involvement of the employer and the related agencies provides a bit of a “hammer” or incentive for the client to comply with his/her commitments.

Our experience with corrections and judicial clients provides evidence that that our 5 Step processes work with these clients – when there are TEAM members who provide ongoing support and consistent communications.

In these circumstances, the most dependable team member was the client.  The agencies rules, regulations and template based recommendations tend to ignore real world demographic issues.  In addition, staff members are burdened by administrative tasks and client numbers that prevent consistent communications and efficient case management.

Professional clinicians and treatment center processes have provided evidence that the tasks of these TEAM members also need to be monitored.

Between organizational requirements and professional proclivities they can hinder the client from being responsible for task completion.  One of our Intervention tasks is the determination of what “real world” circumstances conflict with plan objectives.

Note on Group Sessions:

Several years of personally providing supervision of outpatient group sessions has resulted in an understanding of the pros, cons, misconceptions, priorities and effectiveness of these efforts.  We decided that concise educational and therapy content provides more effective and consistent results than traditional efforts.  Our written lessons and sessions are designed to be completed in less than an hour and a series of questions is presented at the end of the material.  Some clients’ become aware that they can go to the questions and then find the material in the content.  This is harmless since they have to read the article to find the answers.  The completed lessons can be sent to iMR and become part of the case management data.

We have a repository of sessions that can be used – see site exhibits – and will develop additional content should customers desire a specific focus.

The “group therapy” aspects of group sessions are provided by the 5 Step program demand for continuous communications.  AA/NA participation provides the right kind of group therapy.

Our package of improvement processes can be completed by most clients since: – they do not have conditions that disrupt basic life area needs.  The clients also become aware – in short order – that our computer based processes don’t provide an escape mechanism from completing the tasks assigned.  This is another “hammer” encouraging plan compliance.

Our TEAM monitoring processes help insure that TEAM members provide the support promised.

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