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This page includes links to videos and documents that describe the processes included in the case management web site.

Note: As you view the videos or documents that are linked below, use the double arrows – bottom of page – to enlarge the image.  They become readable.

Assessment Review

This video provides an illustration of:

  • Remote – web based – self diagnosis
  • Comprehensive – multi-scaled – results
  • A Self Diagnosis that is accepted by the Client
  • Connection between results and a Treatment Plan
  • Sample of HIPAA logons – Client/Clinician/Company!AkHi_OpkboRw2heC1J2mdjihxhQ1

Activity Entry

This video provides an illustration of:

  • Case data entry by Client, Clinician or Company
  • Use of pre-configured selections
    • no typing errors
    • efficient data entry
    • data base integrity
    • custom entries – as needed
  • Standardized case data formats
  • Data can be imported and exported!AkHi_OpkboRw2hWDgAVeIqPozg3X

Sample – A/D, Psychological, Behavioral, Rapid Assessments

This video provides examples of  each of diagnostic tools provided to clients and clinicians.

  • All tools can be completed over the Internet
  • All results are accurate and immediate
  • Multiple scales are used on all assessments
  • DSM-5 and ASAM Criteria Grid – featured!AkHi_OpkboRw2hbonVFCgBEfT2fp

Performance Contract

This video provides an example of the contents of a Performance Contract

  • This Contract includes tasks for all TEAM members
  • TEAM tasks must equal Contract components
  • “Alerts” are provided when key tasks not completed
  • ASAM grid criteria included in test results and contract!AkHi_OpkboRw2hSkHOeGb4bHQWyB

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